Thursday, February 2, 2012

2-2...Arugula, the 3rd of a 3 part series

I found myself looking at the last of the arugula...what to do...

Also in the fridge was a bunch of asparagus that needed some attention; the result was Angel hair pasta with asparagus, smoked salmon and arugula in a cream sauce.


Angel hair pasta
Smoked salmon, chopped coarsely
Arugula, coarsely chopped
Olive oil
Heavy whipping cream
Lemon juice
Blue cheese...about 1 teaspoon
Dry white wine
Garlic, green onions


Cook the garlic and onion until soft, then add the asparagus.  Cook for several minutes before adding the dill and seasoning.  When the asparagus is almost done add the salmon, lemon juice, and wine and cook over low heat.  After several minutes add the arugula.  About 5 minutes before the pasta is ready add the cream and blue cheese and stir frequently.  Add the pasta and mix well.


This could easily have been a ten plus.  Unfortunately I forgot just how salty the smoked salmon can be, and adding my usual amount of salt resulted in a dish that was too salty.  Let me amend that...too salty for Patience.  It was perfect for me.  However, after so many years (I've lost count) I have learned to trust her judgement.

Patience will be away for the next three days so I will be cooking for myself and the next pasta dish will probably be when she returns.

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