Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Think less, draw more.

Is it possible that there are artists out there who are not plagued with self doubt?  When I'm spending my time on these small paintings and sketches I'm thinking, I should be working larger and exploring meaningful questions about life and art.  And when I'm working larger, exploring new ways to represent the landscape, I'm thinking, I should be working small and having fun doing what I like to do.

So, I do both, and find myself thinking, I should be focusing all my energies on one thing, and not scattering myself all over the place.

The solution?   Stop all that thinking!

Here are a few more additions to the Paducah portfolio:

 A remodeled Lowes store

 The home of the Leaping Trout on Madison St.

 Cathy and Steve live here...on 8th st.

 These drawings are part of my plan to end the year with a PADUCAH SKETCHBOOK, to be released in conjunction with an exhibit at Gallery 5.

In the meantime, I still have the Barns & Farms series to complete by the end of March.

This is pastel on a discarded clay mono type...aprox. 12x6"


David C. said...

"Stop all that thinking!" Sage advice indeed for artistic endeavors.

David C. said...

Well, this is a day to read blogs that I "follow" but sometimes go a long time without actually visiting. After I checked out your blog, I went over to a blog about Thomas Merton (AKA Father Louie) called louie, louie. There I saw this quote from a Zen master: “If you want to see into it, see into it directly. When you begin to think about it, it is altogether missed.” This makes the same point you made, in a slightly more nuanced form.