Saturday, February 4, 2012


My head remains in the past this morning, looking back and thinking about some of the commissioned work I've done.

Wilmington News journal
Tower Hill School   Wilmington

Delancy Place...Philadelphia
The Wilmington New journal, located in downtown Wilmington, wanted a commemorative painting - print of their building as they were preparing to move to a new facility out of city limits.  The front of their building a plain (boring) square 5 story building with absolutely nothing of visual interest.  The back of the buildings was just the opposite...cluttered and busy and visually interesting.  Of course that is what I painted, and of course that is not what they wanted.  However, they agreed to pay me for it and asked me to paint the front, which I did.  They were happy and I was happy (they paid me for the second painting also.)

Tower Hill School was commissioned in the late 1980s, one of several schools and campuses I had the pleasure of painting.  I think this was the best of the lot.  Dr. Oz, the TV celebrity doc, went to Tower Hill.  His father, also Dr. Oz was a colleague of mine during my years of practice in Wilmington.

Delancy Place is a commission I received after we moved to Paducah.  I was familiar with the street from my time in Philadelphia and was delighted to take this on.  It was one of my more ambitious and difficult commissions and I grossly undercharged the client...but it was worth it.  The final piece was about 18 x60 inches.  Check out the last house on the anomaly on this street.

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