Friday, February 3, 2012


I enjoy doing commissioned work in spite of the stress that is usually involved.  Creating the work is usually not the problem; worrying about the client's reaction to the piece is what unsettles me, even when I am personally satisfied with the results.  It was that way with my first commission over 30 years ago, as well as with my most recent one last year, and I don't expect it will ever be any different.

I've created artwork for individuals, private and public institutions, corporations, and universities.  The subjects have all been architectural in nature, schools, homes, shops, and a variety of public buildings.  Two of the more unusual requests were a barber shop and a salvage yard.  I have a record of the barber shop but sadly, not the junk yard.

Crowes Seafood...watercolor...circa 1981

Washington Street Barbers...watercolor...circa 1979

Hercules Towers...watercolor...circa 1983

Hercules was my first corporate commission, and the biggest in my new career as an artist.  Others would soon follow, including the opportunity to create a poster for Wilmingon Library's bicentennial celebrations.

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