Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Tonight's dish was inspired by a recipe I saw in La Cuccina Italiana for a tomato pesto sauce using sun dried tomatoes and fresh grape tomatoes.  Last week in the gourmet section of Tuesday Mornings
( there are some interesting finds in their small section, including some great imported olive oils.)  I picked up a jar of imported organic cherry tomatoes in water which I decided to use with the imported sun dried cherry tomatoes I bought online.


Cherry tomaoes in water
Sun dried cherry tomatoes in oil
Olive oil
Garlic, onion
Bacon, chopped
Sweet vermouth
Dry basil, oregano, red pepper flakes


Cook the bacon, remove, and drain off bacon fat.  In olive oil cook the garlic and onion with red pepper flakes until soft.  Add the tomatoes and smash them with wooden spoon.  Add the the seasoning and wine and simmer until all the liquid is gone.  Place the tomatoes in a blender, along with the sun dried tomatoes and blend to a creamy consistency.  Return the sauce to the pan and keep warm while the pasta is cooking.

Place pasta in serving bowl, mix in the sauce, sprinkle with the bacon bits and enjoy!


I like this a lot.  I was in the mood for a tomato sauce, but wanted something a little different...and this fit the bill.  I am very quickly becoming a fan of Tuesday Mornings...whoda thought!

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