Sunday, March 11, 2012


Yesterday I put my grand idea to the test; Selected work in the gallery would be sold to anyone who made me an offer.  There were no minimum prices set and all offers would be graciously accepted.  I knew I was putting the client on the spot, and that I was vulnerable to ridiculously low offers, but was determined to see it through.

I am pleased to report that the day was everything I hoped it woulds be.  There was a constant stream of visitors to the gallery, sales were great, I was able to significantly reduce the number of paintings and constructions in my inventory, and a lot of folks walked out with the art they wanted at prices they could afford.  Everyone was a winner, and I am already thinking of this as an annual event.

Did I lose money, and did people take advantage me?  Although most of the work sold below the sticker price, and a few far below, I feel I recovered my cost and then some, because the work has been gathering dust in my studio for 8-9 years.  My primary goal was to get the art out and into circulation.
I believe all of the offers were made in good faith and that no one was trying to take advantage me; they were however taking advantage of a great opportunity being presented to them.

This exercise was possible because I have a very large inventory of work, and am in dire need of more space.  It resulted in more people seeing my other work, created the possibility of more sales in the future, and gave me the opportunity to promote my next gallery show.

The day was a success my any measurement.

Imagine that...acrylic on recycled canvas...20x26

This artwork has nothing at all to do with this post.  I just finished it and wanted to show it off.

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