Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Priceline comes to Gallery 5

I'm really stepping our of the box this time, and I have no idea how it will turn out.  This Saturday I will be exhibiting over twenty paintings, constructions, and prints that have been part of my inventory for the past ten years.   I really like the work, but have since moved on to other interests and directions, and this, coupled with a critical shortage of space, has lead me to try something really new.

The work, which takes up two walls of the gallery, will not be priced, but will be sold to anyone who makes an offer, and no offer will be refused.  The buyer will decide what the piece is worth to them.  There will be no negotiating and I will gladly sell the work at the offered price.  The buyer will have a piece of art they can comfortably afford, and I will be happy to have my work hanging in someone's home rather than sitting in a corner of my studio gathering dust.  Everyone wins!

All of the work is framed and/or ready to hang.

Will this work?  I'm hoping to find out this weekend during our Second Saturday gallery walk.  I will let you know.

Clay mono type banners...each approximately 30x14"

Architectural drawings on clay mono types...14x12"

Mixed media on panel...12x12"

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