Monday, March 19, 2012


Between the barns and farms over the past few weeks I did manage to make my way back to the easel and work with acrylics, and I am pleased to report that not a barn or farm made it into the work.

Imagine that...acrylic...20x16
This was done over an older painting that fell out of favor with me.  It was done quickly, exploring the use of 3 colors.

Once again I was intent on using a very limited palette, working with  large amounts of Mars black.
As I do with most of my acrylics, the pigment is applied directly from the jars, and any mixing or blending is done on the canvas.   I don't know if I'm finished with this; will have to spend some time looking at it.  I'm thinking the darkness is an acquired taste.

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Katherine Thomas said...

I like it! The darkness does make a strong statement. But the dark is necessary to make the glimmer of light and hope seem so sweet. It's very dramatic and creative!