Friday, March 23, 2012


I lied!  Recently I posted that I was finished with the barns and was moving on to my next project, but I must shamefully admit that I did not keep my word.  Yesterday, while sitting in the studio doing nothing, I came across several small sheets of watercolor paper that I had preciously covered with graded washes of various colors, and I wondered...what can I do with these?  Before I knew it I was "doodling", and the result was two more small barns.  I gotta move on, and I'm realizing that it may not be that easy to do.

But...being the tiger that I am I know it can be done.  (And if I should slip and paint a few more barns I simply won't tell anyone.)

Pastel and markers on wc toned paper...5x7

Pastel and markers on wc toned paper...6x9

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