Friday, July 15, 2011


From the mid ‘80s into the early ‘90s I published a rather large (53) series of limited edition prints and posters based on my watercolors. These streetscapes, town and cityscapes, and architectural paintings represented cities and towns in eastern U.S. In a moment of nostalgic fervor I decided to photograph my remaining inventory to have for my personal files and to add them to my new website.

The towns and cities represented include: Wilmington, DE, Fenwick Island, DE, New Castle, DE, Odessa, DE, Philadelphia, PA, Annapolis, MD, Baltimore, MD, St. Michaels, MD, Arlington, VA, Williamsburg, VA, Cape May, NJ, Washington, DC, Boston, MA, Martha’s Vineyard, MA, New Port, RI, Atlanta, GA, Savannah, GA, and Charleston, SC.

Creating these images from dozens of photographs was both challenging and gratifying, but the real joy was visiting all of these cities and towns, often accompanied by a good friend. Each print holds cherished memories for me.

Newport, RI...12x28...$50.00

Philadelphia Skyline...13x27...$100.00

Stockton Place, Cape May NJ...12x37...$50.00

Victorian Sampler...12x37...$50.00

Summer's End, Martha's Vineyard...10x24...$40.00

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