Wednesday, July 20, 2011


That sooner or later this would happen… I would overcome my resistance and the horizon would disappear. It was not by design. I began the piece with the idea of completing this series of landscapes depicting large dramatic skies that overwhelm the horizon and foreground. With the exception of one painting with a few trees, the landscapes were barren, and the horizon became less distinct with each piece. But it was always there!...until now.

All sky...acrylic...16x40

As always, I completed the sky first, before attempting to define the horizon, but as soon as I finished I knew…There was no way I was going to interrupt the painting with anything else…even a horizon. (I can already hear H.T. saying, “I told you so”.)

Below you can see the transition as it unfold in each subsequent painting:

The lesson here? Never say never!

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