Monday, July 4, 2011


No one has ever accused me of being modest or shy when it comes to showing my work, which I do quite extensively via newsletters, this blog, my website, and on facebook. I like almost everything I do and have never hesitated to show it. However, there are a few pieces that very few folks have seen, and I’ve decided it is time to change that.

They are not my proudest accomplishments, but I cannot deny ownership, so I am standing up and showing them to you now. There are too many to put out at one time so I will introduce them to you gradually over the weeks and months ahead.

But first, an explanation…or an excuse if you will…After moving to Paducah nine years ago I found myself with no other professional demands on me; I was free to devote all of my time and energy to art, and there was an outpouring of work, exploring new areas and approaches…often without much thought and planning. The result was a lot of work that was far from memorable. The pieces I will be showing you were all done in the first 1-2 years in Paducah. Enough said!

From the train...mixed media...14x20

No name collage on hardboard...24x24

Blocks...a.k.a....what was I thinking? Aproximately 14x32

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