Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Like so many other artists, I have a few favorite subjects. Here are 2 barns that have never lost their grip on my interest. The first is no longer standing, and the future of the second one is quite fragile. In each case I have rendered them first in pastel, and several years later in acrylic.

Jersey Barn pastel 30x40

the last stand acrylic cropped (original painting-24x48

Livingston Co. Barn pastel 30x40

Livingston Co. Barn acrylic 60x48


Peanut said...

I love barns. In fact my dream home is a barn. Well at least a house made to look like a barn. One of the ones with the rounded tops.


Cindy at The Clever Container Co. said...

We love barns, too. I got your blog in a google alert about barns. My husband makes toy barns using 100% reclaimed barn wood. If you can't save the least you can save the wood and the story. We include a booklet with the history of the barn and the wood, when we can find it. Check out our site at I enjoyed reading your blog.

Villager said...

Count me in the club of barn lovers. And it is hard not to love them looking at these glorious paintings.

Linda said...

These are really wonderful! I love the light through the open areas.