Saturday, February 16, 2008


I have 2 shows scheduled for this spring; in April I will join 2 other landscape artists in Lowertown for a 3 man show here in Paducah, and in May will be in a 2 person show in Maryland. I’ve been working on several new canvases for both shows, trying my hand at smaller sizes. However I recently stumbled, quite literally, upon a 24x48” painting that I considered a failed work and I couldn’t resist the urge for a “do over”. Here is the result, that I believe is finished but will keep on the easel for several days.

untitled acrylic on canvas 24x48

The smaller canvases...

Empty Sentinel acrylic 8x10

Gray graing elevators acrylic 11x14

two 5x5 canvases

The Philadelphia journey will resume tomorrow.

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