Monday, February 25, 2008


About 8-10 years ago I did a series of these mixed media constructions, many of them whimsical in nature. I posted 2 examples several months ago; here are several more.

Boxes & Blocks
I've included the initials of my wife, children, and grandchildren in this piece, and have several more grandchild to add.

Balls & Beads
What can I say...I don't know where this came from.

I&O Glass Co. (Insufferable & Obnoxious Glass Co.
If you could read the signage it would say: no customer parking-find your own place! If you don't like our glass you can kiss...

Stone fence
I wanted to use the stones-thousands of them in the fields behind my studio- and came up with this. Unfortunately it was fatally damaged in shipping.

These constructions are fun to do, and they provide a reason (not that I've ever needed on) to collect and save all sorts of junk. The only down side is they take ove the studio while under construction with tools and stuff scattered all over the place.

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