Wednesday, February 13, 2008


One of my fantasies has been to be an artist in the mold of my idol, Paul Hogarth. Hogarth traveled extensively and published his loose, illustrative paintings and drawings in his own books as well as illustrating books and magazine articles for other writers. I own all of the books he published as well as several of the books he illustrated and at least once a year I take them down from the shelves and leisurely and fondly look at his delightful art. Alas, my career has taken me in different directions and I am primarily a studio painter. But my fantasy lives on, inspired in part by the artists whose blogs I view regularly - Colliervisions, Terry’s Ink & Watercolor, Anita Davies:Location Sketches - to name just a few. So, I have decided it is never too late to pursue a dream, and using my portfolio of past work I will assemble a “retrospective travel log” of sorts and present it over a series of posts on this blog, continuing with my Philadelphia journey.

My apologies for the less than maximum quality of some of my old slides, and for any images that I may have posted in the distant past. (Anything beyond yesterday is now “distant” in my foggy memory.)

Ninth & Washington streets watercolor

We are still wandering about the Italian market in south Philly, one of the nations oldest ongoing markets that runs for 8-10 blocks on 9th St. where one can purchase almost anything needed in an Italian kitchen. In recent years a growing number of Asian stores have appeared, reflecting the everchanging face of the new american imigrant.

Giordanos watercolor 18x24

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Villager said...

These are just great! I can't wait to see what's to come. I used to live about an hour north of Philly and I remember fondly several Sunday drives we took to visit the city.