Monday, February 11, 2008


Brambles acrylic 20x24

This is the second of the two new paintings (I posted the other yesterday). Like the other, I was aiming for a predominantly abstract landscape. I would have preferred not to have the single large tree-like mass in the middle, but that was the only way I could hide a small area of the horizon that I found to be distracting.


Peanut said...

I like this one better then the one yesterday.


Villager said...

There is a lot of mistery in this work...the orange tree suggests fall...the bright yellow highlights suggest warm homes at the end of a hard day's work. Anyway, that's my take. I think this new painting will turn heads in your gallery.

Patience-please said...

yup, this one is really awesome in real life.

Patience, wife of Bill

Windrose said...

Hi Bill, Finally I write, but not much. Patience had Stormy Sky featured the other day, so I dug it out of your website, and I really like it. I like a lot of your work, and Johnny Cash too. I'm exhausted tonight so I can't make any intelligent comments about your work, I might say something really dumb, like " I really like it", just what I was taught NOT to say in school. But one day I will tell you why I feel the way I do about some. Just wanted to let you know I watch your blog too, and am happy you are feeling better now, and can make beautiful paintings and be loved by Delia, and Patience of course.