Sunday, February 17, 2008


Philadelphia, like Boston, is a walking city, with so many neighborhoods clustered around center city. For the next few posts we will visit some of the delightful scenes and places that I have visited in years past.

City Hall watercolor aprox. 30x15
Located in the center of the city, William Penn sits atop this grand structure. For years no building were allowed to tower above him. This ban was lifted in the 1970s, but there are certain restrictions that prevent any bulilding from obstructing the view of Mr. Penn from the river, and from north and south on Broad st.

Jewelers Row, watercolor 14x18
JR can be found on Sansom center city, near Washington Square.

Levis watercolor 18x19
Located near South St. on fifth st. Levis has sadly closed its doors. They had GREAT hotdogs!

Shirt World watercolor aprox 16x45
I don't know if this is still there - it was the last time I visited E. Market St. near 4th & 5th sts.

Pine St. watercolor 14x20
Pine St. is the home of antique shops and elegant homes, from Society Hill in the east to the University of Penna. in the west.
These homes are on E. Pine St. near 7th St. I would fantasize about living here during my days at Jefferson Medical College.


dog face girls said...

Oh Bill, this is so much fun.



Villager said...

Some of these gorgeous works remind me of other paintings by a contemporary British painter, Mathew Cook. I think he works with acrylics, but very diluted, like watercolor.
This series is a lot of fun, keep'em coming!

JafaBrit's Art said...

I really enjoyed looking at all these paintings, just marvelous.