Sunday, February 10, 2008


For the past several days I have been working on 2 canvases. In each one, I started with a selection of colors and values and an imaginary horizon. My goal was to create an imaginative landscape that would evolve intuitively, with little or no preconceived image in mind. Needless to say the paintings underwent numerous transformations in the process, even as they remained true to the initial color concepts. I was not surprised to see how certain elements, the use of the palette knife and the deployment of color highlights, follow a pattern seen in previous work; I guess it is not easy to change your handwriting

Hidden acrylic on canvas 18x24


Abby Creek Art said...

You really got me hungry with that seafood pasta, Bill!

This is a beautiful piece. The sense of movement you created with the pallet knife is awesome.

dog face girls said...

Hey, there's my favorite color again. Nice piece. When's dinner??


Linda said...

I really love where you place your horizon lines. There is always a feeling of impending ... something. Like a storm, or a sound, or, in this one, sudden nightfall (at least, that's what I think). I like that. It keeps you at the painting waiting for whatever it is to happen!