Friday, February 15, 2008


I would guess that most out of town visitors to this city would have visited Independence Hall an the cluster of some of our most revered historic buildings.

Independence Hall

A walk along the portion of south Broad Street called the avenue of the arts reveals, among other buildings, the original Academy of Music with its near perfect acoustics.

Academy of Music

Just to the west of center city an the banks of the Schukyll (spelling?) river is the grand Philadelphia Art Museum which achieved popular fame when Rocky ran up and down the stairs leading up to the entrance. This painting shows the rear of the building with the remnants of the old water works.

Philadelphia Art Museum

Just to the left of the museum, along the river front, is the well known Boathouse Row, a series of private and university rowing clubs. I painted the row of clubs in 3 overlapping scenes. This the the second of the series. All 3 were published as limited edition prints (the first 2 have sold out) and can be seen on my web site.

Boat House Row


Linda said...

Oh wow. I love them all, but the Boathouse Row is my favorite! I love how you added to the painting by leaving so much out ... if that makes any sense.

Villager said...

I sure am enjoying this trip...and I am glad you are sharing it with us.