Sunday, February 3, 2008


Celestial Balloons clay mono type aprox 12x14 1999

There has been growing within me an increasing need to write about God. It’s origin is unclear, perhaps an effort to help me understand my ever conflicting and shifting beliefs. Regardless of the nature of the impetus I have attempted to address this need and have written extensively on this in my own journals over the years. Perhaps this prayer says all that there really is to say.

"I don’t know if you are there. I don’t know if you hear me, or even if you care. But sometimes I must call out your name, call on you to hear my plea. There are things that appear abruptly before me, unannounced and unwelcome, that are so completely beyond my control and comprehension that I am overwhelmed by helplessness. It is then that your name arises...piercing through all the intellectual and rational armor that I am capable of creating. It does not matter what I may believe or disbelieve; these moments possess their own truth, standing alone and upright. And when they have passed, they are not discarded as moments of weakness or culpability, instead they are held closely to me, as a reminder of what I don’t know, and of what may be. They do not replace or displace my doubts, my questions, my unknowing, but comfortably join them in celebration of the wondrous mystery that is life."

Over the years I have held many views regarding God, belief, disbelief, doubt, and total confusion on the matter. Indeed, it was a genuine search for faith that started me on the path that eventually led to art. More about all this later.

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Linda said...

It will be interesting to someday hear about how a search for religious meaning lead you to art. Very thought provoking post!

And a wonderful abstract there ...