Friday, February 8, 2008


I've been trying to understand the genesis of my attraction and use of black. Perhaps it can be traced back to my early work when I taught myself to paint with watercolors by "coloring in" my ink drawings, and using the ink for shadows and other dark areas. Here is one of my very early watercolors done using this technique.

China Town-Philadelphis wc 12x16

Even as my facility with the medium grew I continued to use ink in my paintings; I was focusing on the final image I hoped to portray. I think my interest in very "tight" architecture fostered this. This next image is a pastel painting where I used india ink for the very dark windows. To my imeasurable delight it was accepted into the Pastel Soc. of Americas anual juried show, won an award, and was sold.

Elmer Grain Elevator Pastel 30x20
(apologies for not getting the vertical plumbed when cropping)


Linda said...

The Grain Elevator piece just took my breath. It is so different from the one before it, and from your recent work.

I love india ink, too, but find it difficult to work into things and have it look right. You've managed to do that very well.

Jean Levert Hood said...

I love the grain elevator, Bill!
It is so awesome! No wonder it got and award and sold. amazing vision.

William F. Renzulli said...

Linda and Jean, thanks for the comments. This has been one of my favorite pieces, and when I look back on it and others from that period I begin to wonder...why am I not doing this type of work now? I love this building and have painted it at least 4 times plus one construction. Maybe it's time to revisit it.

Terry Banderas said...

Like your China Town art. It's very striking. I am interested in all of the varieties of art you are posting. You are definitely not one-dimensional.

Terry Banderas said...

Like your China Town art. In fact, all of your posts show a nice variety of art types. You definitely are not one-dimensional.