Thursday, February 21, 2008


I’ve forgotten how many “barn paintings” I’ve done over the years, starting sometime in the late 90s. Most of the pieces I will be showing in this next series of posts will be pastels.
I don’t know what prompted me to begin experimenting with the backgrounds, but as you will see, I had to work my way through this series of “numbered” barns before moving on. The barns in this series of paintings are almost exclusively from my imagination...easy to do after photographing and painting as many barns as I have. I will identify the “real” ones from the imaginative ones.

Barn #1 pastel aprox 14x20

Barn #2 pastel aprox 14x20

Barn #3 pastel aprox 14x20

These were the first pastels where I began using primarily pastel "dust" created by scrapping the pastel on a small strainer held over the paper (lying flat) and rubbing the pigment in with my fingers. I used a lot of fixative, sacrificing the brilliance of the color so I could use paper on the surface of the painting to create the hard edges I wanted. All in all, I achieved the result I aimed for.

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